An IMO workshop is raising awareness of the organization’s regulatory regime dealing with improving energy efficiency and the control of GHG emissions from ships. Participants from Malaysian governmental departments, academia and other related bodies are in attendance at the three-day “MARPOL Annex VI and Technology Transfer” workshop, taking place in Johor, Malaysia (16-18 May). The event is organized under IMO’s GloMEEP project, which is supporting uptake and implementation of energy efficiency measures for shipping in developing countries. Malaysia is one of the 10 GloMEEP lead pilot countries.

The workshop, which is co-hosted by the Marine Department Malaysia and Johor Port Authority, included an excursion to the container terminal of the Port of Tanjung Pelepas, where participants learnt about the port’s energy efficiency initiatives and green policy.

IMO is represented by Astrid Dispert and a team of consultants.


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